Spotlight on Tango The show
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14 artists on stage
Romulo Larrea Tango Ensemble
Under the musical and artistic
direction of maestro Romulo Larrea
Verónica Larc, vocals
A cast of 6 tango dancers
under the leadership
Cecilia Saia and Carlos Cañedo
Pierre Lavoie, Lighting design
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Photos credits: Denis Beaumont, Marcel Dubois, André, Bergeron, Sjaak Peters, Wouter Schenk.


A great repertoire played by the Romulo Larrea Tango Ensemble. The septet is noted for its outstanding interpretations and richly elegant sound.

Wonderful choreographies introduce you to one of the most sensual dance form of the 20th century.

Verónica Larc, who sings with passionate refinement, will captivate you with the most beautiful melodies of the repertoire.

These concepts, directing the spotlight on the tango repertoire, refreshes with its worldwide approach. The amazing choreographies and colourful lighting design illustrate this explosion of emotions.

In this production, Romulo Larrea puts in the forefront the extraordinary possibilities of the genre. With distinctive arrangements, refined music, moving lyrics and captivating dances Spotlight on tango leads the audience to the tango of the 21st Century. Discover the key players that made tango an art form; the ones that have vigorously imposed their artistic talent and left their mark in this challenging century old tradition. Composers such as Piazzolla, Troilo, Salgán, Mores, Federico and Plaza, played a fundamental role in the history of the tango. Alongside these pillars of the Tango, enjoy the work of the great Carlos Gardel, witness and participant of a golden moment in the history of tango.

This performance presents the immense talent of 14 artists. With their unique expertise they are revisiting the rich tango repertoire setting forth a new vision on the international tango scene.
Following the acclaimed Tangos for La Milonga, and the international success of Tango First Century, Romulo Larrea and company are back with Spotlight on Tango!

The world premiere of the show was presented at the mythical Town Hall Theatre of Broadway in front of a full house and ended with a standing ovation.

Discover a universe of extreme emotions… Powerful music, exciting dances and outstanding melodies.

Enjoy a captivating journey into the heart of a century old tradition!





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